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New Third Edition: "A New Beginning: A Survival Guide for Parents of College Freshmen"

Charlotte, NC – April 18, 2008 - Since publishing “A New Beginning: A Survival Guide for Parents of College Freshmen” in 1998, author Kaye Bernard McGarry, M.Ed. has taken her message on the road speaking to parents about how they can successfully assist their child’s transition between living at home and moving into college life.  In her third edition, McGarry has updated and clarified subject matter and added a new Q&A section which includes some of parents most asked questions.  One question she gets frequently is what is most stressful for college freshmen.  From her many interviews with students, the answer to that question can be ‘everything’.  “Parents can help by keeping the communication lines open, be that listening ear, ask questions in a non-judgmental way, and praise them freely,” McGarry said.

Another question McGarry addresses in her latest edition is what she means when she tells parents it is important for their college freshman to “connect” to the college campus. “Students need to choose an activity that they are interested in, where they can join with other students who also have that same interest.  This way they begin to form friendships with students who have something in common.  From there, they can use the support of that group as a springboard for involvement in other aspects of the college campus,” said McGarry.

McGarry, an educator and consultant, has seen four children through their college years and knows what it is like when children go off to school.  “Letting go is an important step,” McGarry said.  “You don’t stop parenting, however, it just changes.  There are ways to support your child in meaningful ways. For 18 years, we’re used to talking to them more as kids.   But that all changes when young people go off to college. One of the biggest adjustments for most parents is learning to communicate with your children as adult to adult rather than adult to child.”  In addition to communication, A New Beginning provides a realistic look at campus life, offers time management tips, a guide for getting the most from classes and study hours, and also helps parents and freshmen plan a budget.

Above all, McGarry recognizes that parents worry about the way their children will handle their new freedom.  “By the time our children go off to college, we have done our job,” McGarry said.  “We have passed on our values and provided love and guidance.  Now it’s time to trust them as they embark on their new adventure.  Our job is to provide emotional support while at the same time, we let them go.”

The third edition of A New Beginning  is scheduled for a May 2008 release.  Kaye McGarry is available to talk to groups of high school students and parents or conduct parent orientation sessions on the college campus to parents of college freshmen.  For more information contact 704-366-8971 or 1-800-280-3820 or visit


Kaye's Valuable Advice In Her Book Includes:

Parents want to help, but often have difficutly relating to their grown children as adults.  You have to realize that college students don't want answers.  They just want someone to listen.  Set up a schedule of weekly calls, emails, letters or care packages so parents don't get frustrated by an inability to "hook up".

Some good phrases to use when communicating with your college freshman are; This sounds important to you.  Tell me more about it.  Would you like to talk about it now?  I'd be interested in your point of view.  

Remember just as your children are discovering their new beginnings as they leave for the college campus, you, too, need to discover your new beginning.  You can start the next chapter of your book of life in whatever way you wish.

Make a schedule - Students who have a schedule will do better.  Managing time is the No.1 difficulty for freshmen.  Plan two to three hours of study time for every hour of class time. 

Take good notes.  Notes are like gold. 

READ.  It's common to have 30-40 pages of reading a night.  Today's students often don't have the patience to read and don't bother to review what they've read. 

The top three concerns of students going to college are
1 - Roomate
2 - Food
3 - Getting Lost

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