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Kindergarten Graduation at Villa Heights Academic Center


June 10, 2010

Good morning Class of 2022!            
        Thank you for inviting me here today to share in your transition from kindergarten to first grade! You will experience many graduations: from Kindergarten to first grade; from elementary school to middle school; from middle school to high school; then off to college! Keep your eye on the prize – your goal – college graduation! WOW!        
        You are each special individuals. Your parents are special, too. They taught you values and morals. Your teachers are special, too. They taught you to respect yourself and others and to take responsibility for your actions. Teachers taught you the importance of learning and why a formal education is important in your life. TEACHERS help change lives. Let’s THANK OUR PARENTS AND TEACHERS.        
        How many of you love to read? Now, I am going to hold hands with my friend. How many of you know CURIOUS GEORGE? George came from Africa and is a good little monkey. He is known all over the world. He is always very curious. Can someone tell me what “curious” means? (Eager to learn or know; inquisitive, a desire to learn.)

Now, you may wonder why I brought all these books with me. Well, Curious George loves the LIBRARY. I mentioned keeping your eye on the prize – high school and then college graduation. Curious George knows what to do to reach that goal. He goes to the library, as you can do. A library card is free – you can check out up to 99 books. This is what 99 books look like. Reading is the key to learning.

As you leave here today, I have a gift for you – and I ask you to do two things from this day forward.
1.    I have a bookmark for you – to remind you to never let a day go by without reading a book – a page, a chapter, or a whole book.
2.    There is a pencil for you with the words: “YOU are someone who makes a difference.” Remember that each day, YOU are someone who makes a difference.




Constituents turn out to complain about Hough name

19 November 2009.
Read original article here.

Kaye McGarry, vice chair of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, didn’t have  much time to sip from her drink Thursday morning at Summit Coffee.  She was too busy taking notes as a crowd gathered to talk to her.

“This was 99 percent about Hough High,” she said, as she wrapped up two hours of meeting with a steady stream of constituents. Ms. McGarry was in Davidson as part of her regular “about town” visits throughout the county.  She told that she has been holding coffee hours since 2007, and today’s session ranks among her top three in terms of attendance.

The hot topic that brought people out on a drizzly morning was the naming of the new high school in Cornelius.  Ms. McGarry was among the 7-1 majority who voted at the school board’s November meeting to approve the CMS naming committee’s top choice of W.A. Hough High. (See Nov. 11, 2009, “It’s official: School on Bailey Road is ‘Hough High’”) The name honors a former principal of North Mecklenburg High School, who successfully oversaw integration of high school students in this area in the 1960s and 70s.
Since the board vote, some have voiced fears that the name will be mispronounced in offensive ways.  Ms McGarry said all but two of the people who came to see her at Summit want the Hough name to go.

When asked if she would be willing to revisit the issue at the December board meeting, she said that, as an at-large member of the board, she would look to the representative for the affected district.  That would be Rhonda Lennon, who will begin her work as the newly-elected District 1 representative at the Dec. 8 school board meeting.  District 1 covers the northern side of the county, including Davidson.

“In a situation like this I go to my district person,” Ms. McGarry said.  “They are closer to the situation.”
She stressed to the crowd at Summit that she had seconded the motion by Larry Gauvreau, the outgoing District 1 board member, to delay a decision on the name for the new school.  The motion failed, and Ms. McGarry voted with the majority to approve the name of W.A. Hough High.  She implied that she would be in favor of more discussion about name alternatives, but admitted there was no precedent that she knew of for setting up a second school naming committee.

Also during the coffee hour, Ms. McGarry said she heard concerns voiced about how the CMS naming committee was formed and publicized, and about how the three final names were select ed by the naming committee.  Ms. McGarry said she would not feel comfortable revisiting the vote strictly because of how the name Hough might be pronounced, but she would be willing to look at the naming process.

“My job is to make sure the process is followed,” she said.  “I have to look at the policies and, in the end, my job is to make a decision. ”


Hello Mrs. Mcgarry,
I really enjoyed you presentation for Career Day!  It was cool with all those hats!  I think it was cool you wanted to tell and show everybody about your family!  I think you are a really cool school board person!!
Yours truely,
Delanie Cook
A 4th grader in Ms.Pendleton class at Lansdowne!
P.S. Please send me a email back!!

Alexander Graham Middle School
1800 Runnymeade Lane
Charlotte, NC 28211

Dear Kaye McGarry,

I want to thank you for your presentation on "Giving and Caring" for Alexander Graham's Honor Card "Character" event.  Motivating three hundred eighth graders takes a special talent.  You have that talent.

You greeted the students personally as they entered the gymnasium.  This kind of individual attention is what connects with students this age.  Your actual presentation was inspiring.  Your own life story of giving back to the community gave your message a personal note.  The Power Point incorporating "giving and caring" into a plan toward success visually made your point while inspiring students to higher goals.

The example you gave referencing a speaker at a recent conference, one of the persons portrayed in the recent movie "Miracle", which most students indicated they had seen by a raised hand, allowed students to tie your goals to the inspiration from this movie.

Your time, thought, and effort tailoring this presentation to the age group, the size of the group, and the less than optimum gymnasium setting was obvious.

Thanks you for helping inspire Alexander Graham students to a greater future.

Carolyn Duvall
Career Facilitator

Highland Hill Montessori School
3201 Clemson Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205

Dear Ms. McGarry,

Thank you for taking the time to stop by for a visit.  The children were so pleased to shake your hand and sit with us before we went outside.  Please come back when you can spend more time.

Wendy Laird
Children Primary Teacher

(letter is signed by all the students)

Barringer Academic Center PTA
1546 Walton Road
Charlotte, NC 28208

Dear Ms. McGarry,

Thank you so much for coming to Barringer this week.  We know your schedule is very busy and we appreciate the time you spent with us. 

Our hope is that you left our discussion with a better understanding of our three programs, our concerns and our desire to keep this wonderful school thriving. 

Again, thank you for all you do for CMS and our community.

The PTA and SLT of Barringer

Bradley Middle School
13345 Beatties Ford Road
Huntersville, NC 28078

Dear Mrs. McGarry,

Thank you fora visiting to our class and answering our questions.  Our leadership class was very glad that you came and discussed your views about the school system and the qualities of leadership with us.  We appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to come and speak to our class.  Please feel free to come again any time.

Thank you for your time.

Mrs. Vey's 8th grade Leadership Class

(letter is signed by all of the students)

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